May I please have a moment to gush over a lovely lady that’s in my life? I will stop short of writing a full blown girl-crush confessional on here, but hot damn Tara MacDonald you are a wonder of a woman.

My friend Tara moved here to Dartmouth, NS a few years ago and is half of the dynamic duo that started my neighbourhood cafe, Two if By Sea, just a few streets from my house. This cafe has completely revitalized an otherwise sleepy, and often scoffed-at part of town; by way of coffee that’s in a league of its own and decadent, buttery croissants that deserve their own postal code. Coffee and jumbo croissants are the edible by-products of TIBS, but you can’t put a price, or even a descriptive finger on the feeling of community that Tara, Zane, and their team have fostered in this area.









So in addition to being boss-lady at the raddest cafe, east of anywhere, Tara has been busting her skinny ass over the last year or so in prep to run some serious miles this summer (and bike, and swim…girl’s got a 1/2 marathon and two triathalons coming up!). She is training like a madwoman and is a full-fledged athlete, all in the name of a cause that is seriously close to her heart.

First up for her is the Bluenose 1/2 Marathon in May in support of cancer research, as part of  Team in Training. She’s seen some indescribably strong girlfriends of hers face a cancer diagnosis, and they have whooped ass and beat it. These friends of hers are young, strong, spunky, amazing women that have no idea that they’re an inspiration to every woman I know, and whether they can swallow that pill or not…it’s true. I’ve never met either of the ladies that Tara’s running in honour of, but I have heard their stories and feel privileged to have a friend in common with them. We are all going to be touched by cancer in some way, and Tara is just throwing her big heart full-throttle into the fight against it. So awesome. She’s got $5,000 to raise in the next few months. I don’t have a shrivel of doubt that she’ll get there, but our community is phenomenal and I have a feeling her most recent fundraising endeavour won’t be a hard sell…












One Friday a month, the TIBS crew + local chef/foodie personality Renée Lavallée (aka Feisty Chef) host a gorgeous, yet casual meal at the cafe after it closes in the evening. The setting is intimate and laid-back, simple, yet delightfully detailed, right down to the menu designs and vintage modern table decor. I’ve been fortunate enough to snag tickets to several of the TIBS Family Dinners, each one being an amazingly memorable experience meeting new friends and flavours. Wine is shared with people you’ve never met, as are collective moans of  ’ohhhhh my godddd. This is so. good.’












Am I painting a picture for you here, folks? I hope so.

The next TIBS Family Dinner, held on April 20th, is a special one; all proceeds are going to Tara’s Team in Training fund. It’s $100 a seat, BYOB, 4 courses of amazing food and what I can only imagine will be an space electric with good vibes.

Ladies and gents of Halifax/Dartmouth, open your hearts and bellies to this amazing cause and you will be oh so thankful you did!

For more info or to reserve your seat, get ahold of the lovely lady herself, at:


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